The watch collection at Guys Gear Warehouse is all about giving you options at every level. Whether you're looking for a watch to take with you on your next hike, beach day, or dinner party, we've got the options you need.

A watch can be the perfect accessory for just about any look, but you have to know which look you're going for. I'm a guy that wears a watch every single day (the Nixon Mod, if you're curious) but I know that the casual watch I wear day-to-day shouldn't be the only one I have in my collection. That's the idea behind the collection you see here: giving you options for (almost) every occassion. Sure we can't bring you a waterproff tide watch that you can wear to your wedding that connects to your phone and will help you find a cure for cancer, but we've got most situations covered. If you're looking for a casual everyday watch with a comfortable leather band, take a look at our MVMT watch. More into a metal band and a more modern look? We've got that too. If you want something cheap and durable with a simple, stylish look I highly reccomed the Nixon Time Teller P.